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Very interesting angling in Georgia. A lot of rivers have spring nutrition. Its temperature 12 - 14 C, which is ideal for char. It lives in upper reaches almost of every river. Standard size 150 - 250 gr, but there are also ones bigger than 1 kg. Trout from different rivers differs not only in size, but in taste. Can be caught all year round, but the best time - September and May. Spawning is from the end of October to April. Also interesting angling for barbel fish. There are several types of it. The biggest one - chanary to 12 kg and more, and the smallest - murtsa (to 500 gr), but very valuable in terms of gastronomic. Barbel fish is very strong, the biggest ones stay on the fast current and any plummet cannot hold the bait. That's why big ones can be caught very rarely.

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