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For fishermen in Indonesia there are no limitations, like in other countries: you catch fish for pleasure - catch - release, and for food. Sea angling in Indonesia is more common than freshwater, as Indonesian rivers are very dirty. Angling here is provided all year round, but the best time is before raining season or after it. Rainy season lasts from November till March.

Angling on Bali
Angling on Bali

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Angling on Bali is of particular interest. It is amazing and diverse. The waters between Indonesia and Australia are spawning of yellowfin, bigeye and bluefin tuna. In the area of Bali is a mixture of the waters of the Indian Ocean, the Sea of Bali and Java Sea, as a large number of reefs and channels - all this leads to the fact that there is always a great diversity of species, local water is literally teeming with fish.

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