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Fishing in Kenya rightfully occupies a leading position on the east coast of Africa. Fishing spot depends on the species of fish you wish to catch. Main areas: Channel Pemba, Mombasa, Watamu, Malindi, Ngomeni, Kivayyu and Lamu Island.

Angling in the Pemba Channel
Angling in the Pemba Channel

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One of the best places for angling for marlin in Africa is the Pemba Channel. This line of the ocean with width about 23 sea miles, located between the island of Pemba and the east coast of the African continent. Strait acts as a tube through which floats many varieties of anadromous fish for sport angling. Here caught 75% of all billfish caught during the season on the continent.

Angling in the region Malindi / Watamu
Angling in the region Malindi / Watamu

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The coast of Malindi and nearest village Watamu - is 155 km of tropical beaches with fine white sand. Malindi Marine National Park - a popular spot for diving and snorkeling. In its coastal coral reefs usual myriad of varied marine creatures.

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