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Rivers of Mongolia are rich in fish, which makes the country interesting for fishermen. There are few places in the world where you can catch so big trout and for hour have a bucket of grayling. Residents of Mongolia believe that rivers represent divine spirit of ground and water. And trout is considered as part of its spirit or children of river. That's why people did not eat fish in Mongolia. Trout is a symbol of Mongolia. Native residents are proud that their country is the one and last place on Earth, where gathered good conditions for trout living. Government of Mongolia all the time control and guard the population of fish, looking for possibilities for developing of eco tourism and sport fishing.

Northern Mongolia
Northern Mongolia

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Northern Mongolia - is a land of trout. For the expedition of the trout we offer two main rivers in the northwest (which flows into the Yenisei) and in northeastern Mongolia, (which flows into the Amur River). Both of these rivers declared a nature reserve of trout.

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