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There is growing popularity of angling in the Seychelles - a beautiful catch is guaranteed. You can rent a boat with a specially trained crew.

Angling on Remir island
Angling on Remir island

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The island Remir belongs to the world Amirante Islands, belonging to the outer group of islands of the Seychelles archipelago. Remir has a special charm and is surrounded by waters rich with all kinds of fish that are found in the Indian Ocean.

Angling on Mahe islands
Angling on Mahe islands

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In the world there are very few countries you can describe exclusively in superlatives. Seychelles - a true "Eden", "the sweetest tropical tale of world", "a delightful garden of Eden" - beautiful epithets really a lot, but none of them does not reflect reality. And if we add to this the world's best angling - you simply have to visit this place.

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