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Slovenia rivers, lakes and ponds - real heaven for lovers of angling. Here are different species of freshwater fish, more than 20 of which are the objects of sport fishing. Most of these types are caught very nice with dry-fly. Your catch you can take with you, but in Slovenia becomes more popular the type catch and release.

Fish in Slovenia and the secrets of angling
Fish in Slovenia and the secrets of angling

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In rivers and lakes of Slovenia there are 93 types of fish, 33 from it are under low. For sport fishing are interesting 25 types. In Slovenia you have the opportunity to catch endemic species of Adriatic waters, among which the special place takes marble trout - the biggest europian trout species.

Angling in Slovenia
Angling in Slovenia

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Angling in Slovenia is considered one of the best in Europe because of the huge number of fish and the quality of local rivers and lakes. The cleanest reservoirs allow to keep a great variety of fish, fishermen will enjoy not only angling, but also the Slovenian unforgettable landscapes.

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