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One of the most exciting entertainment in the Emirates is a deep-sea fishing in the Gulf. On a comfortable yacht, equipped with everything you need, you will make an unforgettable trip around the bay and get incomparable pleasure from a successful fishing. Fishing is possible in several ways, but the most interesting thing, when the yacht harbors and you catch fish right from the board, holding the line in hands. Specificity of fishing is that if you hit the fish place, it will nibble so that you never dreamed of.

Angling in the Persian Gulf
Angling in the Persian Gulf

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Area of angling: the south-eastern part of the Persian Gulf.

Angling review in the UAE
Angling review in the UAE

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One of the most fascinating and traditional activities in the UAE is angling in the waters of the Persian Gulf and Indian Ocean, the rich variety of fish. Traditionally, angling for the UAE before the discovery of oil deposits has been an integral part of life and a major source of food and income.

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