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Ukrainian nature is one of the heritages of the country. On its territory exist 21 nature reserves, 4 of which are biosphere. In Ukraine there is big number of fish waters and a lot of angling bases offering to their clients wonderful angling and different recreation programs, which makes Ukraine more attractive for angling every year.

Angling on the fishing base "Delta of the Dnieper"
Angling on the fishing base "Delta of the Dnieper"

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Lower Dnieper and the Dnieper-Bug estuary is the best angling spots in Ukraine. Here you can catch roach, rudd, tench, crucian carp, bream, carp, silver carp, perch, pike, walleye, catfish.

Angling in the Danube Delta
Angling in the Danube Delta

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Danube - strong and fast river. The flow rate in the base area of 1.5 to 3 m / s. Bottom topography is very promising. Edge, rolls, pit depth of 30 m. The frequent place where 5 meters from the shore the depth is 15 meters, which pleases fans of angling from the shore. The Danube Delta is the second largest delta in Europe and 23 in the world.

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