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At the age of eighteen Ludwig, son of King Maximilian II, who ruled in Bavaria in the 17th century, took the throne and became Ludwig II of Bavaria. For his unusual lifestyle and passionate attraction to build this beautiful single monarch went down in history as the "Fairytale King". He was disappointed by the machinations of the government and kept away from his unloved Munich. He created his own paradise, inhabited only by his own ideals. He built the embodiment of his dreams - Neuschwanstein and Linderhof castles.

Castles of Bavaria and Austria
Castles of Bavaria and Austria

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During this bus tour you will see Budapest and baths "Secheni", Marzipan Museum in Szentendre and the city of Vienna. We advise you to visit the Imperial Palace or the Treasury Shebrun, Bavarian castles Neuschwanstein and Linderhof, Ettal Abbey. You will travel to Munich, Germany's most beautiful city. In Salzburg surprise you Hohensalzburg Fortress or Hellbrunn Palace with its amusing fountains. Then you will go to Eger - Hungarian Baroque gem and home of fiery reds. Cost: 265 euros. Dates: 19/09/2015; 10/10/2015.

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