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Medieval castles, palaces in the Renaissance style, Baroque and Rococo palaces ...

Tour of the castles of France and Switzerland with flight
Tour of the castles of France and Switzerland with flight

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To your attention: - Château d'Ussé - one of the greatest castles of the Loire Valley. With its mystical beauty castle inspired storyteller Charles Perrault on the creation of "Sleeping Beauty", combining the power of X century medieval fortress and Renaissance romance openwork. - Castle of Azay-le-Rideau, early Renaissance masterpiece, built on an island in the Indre on driven into the river bottom piles. - Elegant castle Villandry, Renaissance, stands near the Loire. Villandry gardens are the prime example of the French landscape art. They are located on three levels, which rise one above the other. - Also visit Chillon Castle, famous for Lord.

Hotel - Castle Château de Bagnols
Hotel - Castle Château de Bagnols

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Chateau de Bagnols is beautiful and luxurious castle - hotel situated in the heart of the Beaujolais region, 28 km from Lyon. Castle founded in the 13th century, stands in beautiful surroundings of the old vineyards, green hills and dense forests. Since 1987, the castle owned by Helen and Paul Hamlyn, under the strict guidance of which was fully reconstructed building, which lasted four years. As a result, unique castle regained its former splendor and magnificence: were restored wall and ceiling frescoes of the Renaissance and the 18th century, the majestic towers, dry moat and entrance through the drawbridge.

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