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Greenland (in local language Kalaallit Nunaat) - the world's largest island (Greenland area of about 2 million. sq. km), almost completely submerged under the ice. Greenland is the second in the world after the Antarctic ice sheet. Suitable area for local residents is only a coastal strip of Greenland, which is about 19% of the total area of the island. However, despite the harsh conditions, this place is fascinating uniqueness of its nature and trophies.

VIP hunting in Greenland (10 days)
VIP hunting in Greenland (10 days)

ID: 01032 EN

This tour includes all the trophies of Greenland: musk ox, caribou, harp seals, arctic hare, arctic fox, and provides maximum comfort of living in Nuuk.

Hunting for caribou and musk ox (6 days)
Hunting for caribou and musk ox (6 days)

ID: 01033 EN

Hunting area: caribou near Kangerlussuaq, on the musk ox in the valley Robinson.

The best season for hunting in Greenland is August - September. This is the time to hunt caribou and musk ox and September - a period before the rutting of caribou when antlers fully cleared, the animal less cautious and have the opportunity to get the best trophies.

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