ID: 92


Price: 200 000 $
Price per m2: 1 538 $
Section: Selling
Object type: Cottage
Condition: Normal
Number of rooms: 3
Square: 130 м2
Area of residential: 78 м2
The kitchen area: 22 м2
Floor: 4
Floors: 19
Address: SHEVCHENKIVS'kyi district, Kyiv Cascade, 2
Телефон риелтора: 0975051433 (Татьяна Борхаленко)

Design repair, ceilings "Starry sky". For security purposes, the apartment is a panel with function of power-off in each outlet and each switch. All the walls, floor and ceiling are finished with sound/thermal/hydro-insulation, and 3 star energy-efficient Windows. The apartment is isolated from the common hallway, which is 3 cameras. The apartment has 2 full bathrooms 1 guest, 2 boilers. Connected alarm system (fire alarm, motion sensors, flood, smoke, glass breaking) Internet, telephone, cable TV. All closets are built into the walls. A safe for weapons and not only with alarm system. Each room has air conditioning Mitsubishi, electric under floor heating, all Windows have fabric blinds. The apartment is fully furnished and equipped with touch of expensive appliances for a carefree life. In the house there is a minimarket, a beauty salon, dentistry. Metro station is 5 minutes walk.